YOU AGREE THAT BY USING THIS SERVICE YOU ARE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE AND ARE LEGALLY ABLE TO ENTER INTO A BINDING CONTRACT. ADDITIONALLY YOU AGREE THAT ALL INFORMATION SUBMITTED BY YOU IS TRUE AND ACCURATE. By registering with this Site, you are providing informed consent to the terms and conditions of jazzirizarry.com (“Jazz Irizarry” or “Site”), you (“Member”) acknowledge that you understand the nature of online counseling services as well as the duties, qualifications, and limitations of our services, and that JazzIrizarry.com Corp. has provided you with this information prior to providing you with any professional services. USE OF THE SERVICES IS NOT FOR EMERGENCIES. IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE A MEDICAL OR MENTAL HEALTH EMERGENCY, OR IF AT ANY TIME YOU ARE CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR CARE OR TREATMENT, CALL 911 OR GO TO THE NEAREST OPEN CLINIC OR EMERGENCY ROOM. IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING OR CONTEMPLATING SUICIDE OR FEEL THAT YOU ARE A DANGER TO YOURSELF OR TO OTHERS, YOU MUST DISCONTINUE USE OF THE SERVICES IMMEDIATELY, CALL 911, OR NOTIFY APPROPRIATE POLICE OR EMERGENCY MEDICAL PERSONNEL.

Member Eligibility:

Jazz Irizarry is trained to screen for disorders which may not be appropriate for this method of treatment. If you have any history of major psychiatric episodes, hospitalizations or drug/alcohol dependence or have been diagnosed as any of the following – Borderline Personality Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder Type 1, Mentally Ill/Chemically Addicted (MICA), and/or Schizophrenia – you must disclose this information in the initial meeting. She may choose to continue your Membership or refer you to an agency in your area which can better serve your counseling needs. Additionally, by law, a formal report will be file if a Member states any desire to do harm to him/herself or others. We reserve the right to terminate a relationship with a Member if service expectations are incompatible. Members who are found ineligible for services will be blocked from the Site. Jazzirizarry.com recommends that those seeking mental health or medical advice seek services in person with a qualified professional. Jazzirizarry.com reserves the right to terminate membership to any user found ineligible for services, and may refuse all current or future use at any time.

About Distance Counseling:

Also known as etherapy and Online Therapy. Distance counseling is providing a psychotherapy service that is not “in person” and is facilitated through the use of technology. Such technology may include, but is not limited to, telephone, fax, email, internet, or videoconference. Distance Counseling is subject to all practice and ethical considerations discussed in this document and in the law, rules and regulations governing licensed practice in the State of Florida. Disadvantages include varying time zones, cultural differences, language barriers, and strength of internet connection which may impact the delivery of services. Members may provide off-line contact information in case of a technology breakdown, or if reconnection is not possible.Members will not fault or issue any warranty for the failure of the internet or the Site’s performance.

Online Boundaries:

Members should understand both the boundaries and expectationsrelated to forming therapeutic relationships online. Any requests to Practitioners for “friendship,”business contacts, direct or “@” replies, “re-Tweets,” “tagging,” blog responses or requests for a blog response within social media sites will be ignored to preserve the integrity of the therapeutic relationship and protect sensitive information. You understand that posting verbatim information from your communications with your practitioner to a third-party site, such as Facebook, is discouraged in order to protect the therapeutic process. Members may do so at will but cannot hold Jazzirizarry.com accountable for any effects this action may have.

Scope of Practice:

This term indicates the specific area to which a practitioner may practice. As jazzirizarry.com is an online service, we follow local and regional laws and codes of ethics as applicable to the State of Florida. According to national licensure requirements, our practitioners are permitted to provide psychotherapy services in the State of Florida which issue geographical boundaries for distance counseling and require Practitioners to be licensed by the state. If a Member from any other state chooses to engage in counseling through jazzirizarry.com, you understand and acknowledge that you will not be receiving state-licensed treatment but a confidential consultation. Regardless of a user or Practitioner’s geographical or legal jurisdiction, all users acknowledge and agree that any and all counsel provided by jazzirizarry.com shall be regarded as a coaching consultation and NOT as licensed, clinical treatment. Due to the nature of online counseling, our is limited in situations of crisis and extreme emotional distress, and therefore, cannot be held to the same standards of a physical appointment. This disclaimer shall serve as informed consent to all users who choose to reveal personal health information through our website. jazzirizarry.com services are not open to Members who live in a country that is prohibited by law, regulation, treaty, or administrative act from entering into trade relations with the United States. By agreeing to these terms of use, you state that you agree to all policies and practices.

Nature of Counseling:

There may be both benefits and risks while participating in counseling, distance or otherwise. Counseling may improve your ability to relate with others, provide a clearer understanding of yourself, your values, and your goals. Since counseling may also involve discussing unpleasant aspects of your life, you may also experience uncomfortable feelings. Counseling often leads to better relationships, solutions to specific problems, and significant improvement in feelings of distress. However, please understand there are no guarantees of what you will experience, and that you enter into this Agreement and use jazzirizarry.com services at your own risk. You agree that you understand the possible advantages and disadvantages of online therapy and shall not hold accountable jazzirizarry.com for any information or insight distributed here.


While the jazzirizarry.com may provide access to certain general medical information however, this information is not intended to provide medical advice. We advise you to always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions regarding your personal health or medical conditions. Never disregard, avoid, or delay in obtaining medical advice from your doctor or other qualified healthcare provider because of something you have read on jazzirizarry.com. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem or condition, please contact a qualified healthcare professional immediately. To the extent medical advice is provided to you by a provider on jazzirizarry.com, such medical advice is based on your personal health data as provided by you and the local standards of care for your presenting symptoms, based on your use of the Services. THE CONTENT ON THE JAZZIRIZARRY.COM (OTHER THAN A DIRECT RESPONSE FROM A QUALIFIED TREATMENT PROVIDER) IS NOT AND SHOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED MEDICAL ADVICE OR A SUBSTITUTE FOR INDIVIDUAL MEDICAL ADVICE, DIAGNOSIS, OR TREATMENT. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS TALK TO YOUR MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS FOR DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT, INCLUDING INFORMATION REGARDING WHICH DRUGS OR TREATMENT MAY BE APPROPRIATE FOR YOU. NONE OF THE INFORMATION ON JAZZIRIZARRY.COM REPRESENTS OR WARRANTS THAT ANY PARTICULAR DRUG OR TREATMENT IS SAFE, APPROPRIATE, OR EFFECTIVE FOR YOU.


You agree to promptly pay all fees and charges for Treatment Provider Services, and you authorize us to automatically deduct all applicable charges and fees from the payment account(s) you designate in your user profile. You understand and agree that you will be responsible for a missed appointment fee equal to the fees you and/or other payer would have paid for the scheduled services if you do not cancel a scheduled appointment at least one business day in advance. Any “linked” payment processing accounts with third parties (such as PayPal) will appear in your user profile on the Site, and you will be able to view at least certain summary information for all such linked payment accounts. You agree to be responsible for any telephone charges and/or Internet service fees you incur in accessing your account(s) through the Services. If you have a health benefits policy that provides mental health coverage, you may be entitled to insurance reimbursement for Treatment Provider Services. You can discuss this with your insurance company by contacting them directly. Jazzirizarry.com offers no guarantee that you shall receive any such reimbursement. Regardless of insurance reimbursement, payment to jazzirizarry.com, as applicable, for co-payments, deductibles and co-insurance amounts for Services, is required at the time of each appointment. If you do not have insurance coverage for Services, or if your coverage is denied, you acknowledge and agree that you shall be personally responsible for all incurred expenses. Finally, in order to access the member-only portions of the Services, you must provide us with a current, valid email address so that we may contact you. By creating an Account, you agree to keep your email address updated. There is no guarantee that you will be accepted as a registered user, or as a patient by jazzirizarry.com. Even if you are accepted as a patient by jazzirizarry.com, and jazzirizarry.com may determine that online counseling services are not appropriate for some or all of your treatment needs, and accordingly may elect not to provide online counseling services to you through jazzirizarry.com in your Provider’s sole discretion.


Jazzirizarry.com utilizes encryption for therapeutic exchanges and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol for financial transactions. Practitioners and Members will act as sole owners of the therapeutic record including all transcripts, notes, emails and/or billing information. Please immediately alert jazzirizarry.com to any unauthorized use of your account, password, username, email, or other breach of security at support@jazzirizarry.com.

Copyright Notice:

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